Using Orion Mobile to Photograph and Score Targets

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Using Orion Mobile to Photograph and Score Targets

One of the features of the Orion Mobile App is to take photographs of mobile-friendly targets for scoring. When the photographs are taken correctly they are sent to Orion, via Orion's cloud network, for scoring.

A "Mobile Friendly Target" is any Orion target that is designed to be captured using a camera for scoring. Not all Orion targets can be scored using a camera, in fact, most can not. A "Large Format Target" is any Orion target that is too large to be feed through a supported scanner. Instead, these target images must be captured using camera through the Orion Mobile App.


Each Statistical Officer (SO) and Range Officer (RO) will need to install the Orion Mobile App on their phones and create an account.

Before running a match using mobile friendly targets be sure to practice using the mobile app and Orion. Each SO and RO should be familiar with the app and their duties to perform using the app.

Start by creating an Orion match to score mobile friendly targets. Be sure to select targets that are supported for mobile app scoring. Remember that Orion is not a one size fit all solution. Scoring large format targets takes more time than targets scored via a scanner. Multiple instances of Orion may be needed to score your match.

Each SO and RO camera will need to be calibrated to help ensure accurate scoring. The day of the match, the RO and SOs can set their Range View Options to limit what firing points they see.

Photographing Mobile Friendly Targets

There are three primary methods for taking photographs of Mobile Friendly Targets. Which method you choose depends on who you are (Range Officer or Statistical Officer), if the target has a Barcode Label on it, and physically where you are at.

If you are a Range Officer, taking photographs or targets on the range use Photographing Large Format Targets using App Aware Firing Point Order. This is the generally recommended method.

If you are a Statistical Officer, taking photographs of targets from the statistical office, use Photographing Targets via the Squadding List. This method though requires good lighting.

If you are a SO or RO and the target you are photographing has a Barcode Label on it, you may use Photographing Targets with Large Barcode Label. However, this is the least recommended method.


Common Mistakes Large Format Scoring

Can't Find the Match in Orion Mobile

Match Home Screen Does Not Have Links for Taking Target Photographs

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Adjusting Camera Sensitivity for Outdoor Targets

There is Excessive Distortion on the Target

CONCRT140.dll or MSVCP140.dll was not found