Recomended Range Size

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Recomended Range Size

Orion is not a "one-size fits all" product. Although Orion can be used to manage larger of matches, it is recommended to disperse the workload among multiple instances of Orion Desktop to fit the needs of your respective match and range size. This is also the case with the Orion Mobile App. It is expected of a Range Officer to be able to do their job within a reasonable amount of time; this cannot be done without a proper ratio of Range Officers to Firing Points, even with all the proper tools (such as Orion Mobile App). See below on our recommendations of how a large match can be successfully ran using a healthy combination of the Orion Scoring System, the Orion Mobile App, and multiple Range Officers.


Recommended Number of Orion Desktop Instances* for Scoring

Recommended 15 or fewer firing points per instance* of Orion Desktop

Maximum of 20 firing points per instance of Orion Desktop

If your range exceeds 20 firing points two or more instances* of Orion Desktop are required. Use Orion's Virtual Match technology to merge results between the different instances.


Recommended Number of Range Officers for taking Target Photos

Recommended 8 or fewer firing points per Range Officer

Maximum of 10 firing points per Range Officer


Remember, the Orion Mobile App is designed for Range Officers to take photographs of the targets as they are hung in the frames on the range. While it is possible to take the targets down from the range and bring them into the stat office for photographing, this slows the overall process down and is not recommended. At a bare minimum, there should be at least two people at each match to run the stat office. The stat officer who is running the Orion Desktop for scoring, and a second person responsible for taking photographs of the target.


*Each terminal running Orion Desktop must be properly licensed to be able to scan and score targets. Please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding licensing.


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