Creating an Orion Match to Score Mobile-Friendly Targets

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Creating an Orion Match to Score Mobile-Friendly Targets

Before creating a match to score targets using the Orion Mobile app, Statistical Officers (SO) should already be familiar with creating a match in Orion. Listed below are the special steps SO will need to take for creating the match.

Note that if you are creating a Virtual Match with multiple instances of Orion for scoring, the settings below must be used by the parent and each Virtual Match child.

Match Properties Setup

Rulebook Selection

Not all Orion rulebooks support scoring of mobile-friendly targets. The supported Orion rulebooks are:

USA Shooting: Smallbore Rifle

CMP: Smallbore Rifle

CMP Rimfire Sporter

Start and End Dates of the Match

In most Orion matches the start and end date do not effect how Orion performs. However, when creating a match to use with the Orion Mobile App the dates have a profound effect. Namely, these dates allow the match to appear for the SO and ROs within the Orion Mobile App on the day of the match.

It is best to set the match up as occurring on only one day. A match that is multiple days will still work, but may be more difficult to find when loading through the mobile app.

Course of Fire Options

These settings pertain to Match Properties under the Course of Fire tab

Paper Target Type must be set to "Target for Camera Scoring 20 Shots" or "Target for Camera Scoring 10 Shots".

Relays Change should be set appropriately, as it effects the order the mobile app lists the target for camera capture.

Note, the field Shots per bull does not effect Orion's scoring of Mobile Friendly Targets. All targets are expected to have either 20 or 10 shots on them respectively.

Result Center Privacy Settings

On the Result Center tab the privacy settings must either be set to Upload scores and only allow athletes to view scores or Upload scores and allow public access to scores. Setting the privacy to Do not upload scores will prohibit the match from showing up in the mobile app, including for the SO and RO.

Match Competitor Setup

Linking Users to their Mobile App Account

Under the email address column, enter in each SO, RO, and athlete's email address they used with their mobile app. This will create the link to allow them to open up the match within the Mobile App.

Assigning Statistical Officer and Range Officers

Each SO and RO needs to be added as a participant in the match, by listing them in the Match Competitors tab.

Set their role as Range Officer, Statistical Officer, or Registration as appropriate. Uncheck that they are an Athlete (assuming they are not shooting in the match).

Specifying Athlete Squadding

In order for the RO to see a list of athletes he or she needs to take target photographs, within the mobile app, athlete squadding must be set correctly in Orion. Under the Relay and Firing Point columns assign each athlete's squadding.

Printing Large-Format Barcode Labels

Printing barcode labels for large format targets is much the same as printing barcode labels for regular scanable targets. However, you must use Large Barcode Labels (12 per sheet) instead of the small barcode labels (60 per sheet) that are more traditionally used with Orion.