What size barcode labels do I Use?

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What size barcode labels do I Use?

Barcode labels are are printed from within Orion, similar to return lables. Barcode labels may contain information about a specific athlete, the position, and series. By affixing the label to an Orion target, Orion will automatically assign the target to the correct athlete when the target is scanned and loaded.


Barcode labels come in two sizes:

Small Barcode Labels

Large Barcode Labels


Small Barcode Labels are used for most of our targets that get fed through the Canon Scanner. Orion uses 8.5 by 11in sheets of 1.75 by 2/3rdsin labels for printing. All Orion for Club bundles come with 100 sheets of labels. Additional labels may be ordered here. The Avery equivalent size labels are 8195 or 5195.


Large Barcode Labels are used for our Large-Format targets (50m & 50yd. Rifle Targets, 100yd. Rifle Targets and Rimfire Sporter Targets) scanned using the Orion Mobile App (Scopos no longer supports Orion Mobile App, including the ability to scan targets. Instead customers may use the all new Rezults at rezults.scopos.tech.). The size of these labels are 3.75 x 1.25in.