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Orion Mobile Support


The Orion Mobile App and the Result Center website will soon merge. A rewrite is underway, and soon the two applications will be linked, and simply called "Result Center."


Popular Topics

Mobile App Installation

Create an Orion Mobile Account

Finding a match on Orion Mobile

Add users and assign permissions for Orion Mobile

Invite athletes to view their scores

Participant Permissions Definitions

Using Orion Mobile to Scan and Score Targets

Match Administration


Orion Mobile Webinar

Can't find what you're looking for?

We're regularly updating the Mobile App's FAQ page with content. Please be patient as we continue to add documentation.

Please remember: Orion Mobile is currently in the infancy stage. Our documentation and support are consistently being developed and updated.

Please Note: All functionality of Orion Mobile App requires an active internet connection on both the mobile device, as well as the desktop application.