Lighting Minimum

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Lighting Minimum

To correctly take photographs suitable for scoring, or for calibration, with the Orion Mobile app a minimum of 2000 LUX is required.

Without this minimum lighting, target photographs are likely to be blurry. If the photographs are blurry then Orion will be unable to restore the target for accurate scoring and the photograph will be rejected.

We recommend taking all target and calibration photographs outdoors. The app is further designed to be used by range officers to take photographs on the range before the athlete removes the target from the target frame.

Sunny outdoors conditions are usually 10,000 LUX or greater.

Overcast skies are usually 3000 to 6000 LUX.

Rainy weather is usually 2000 to 4000 LUX.

Indoor lighting is usually less than 500 LUX.

Generating 2000 LUX indoors is possible but only with special lighting equipment. Placing bright light bulbs near the target before photographing it may seem like a good idea, however, light bulbs that are close will create uneven lighting conditions that can cause further problems.