Orion Desktop is Not Picking Up Shots or Picking Up too Many

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Orion Desktop is Not Picking Up Shots or Picking Up too Many

Scopos no longer supports Orion Mobile App, including the ability to scan targets. Instead customers may use the all new Rezults at rezults.scopos.tech.

When scoring large format targets there are many factors that can lead to Orion falsely identifying shots or not picking up real shots. Lighting, multi-shot groups, misconfiguration of Orion, and even bugs landing on the target can all contribute to scoring errors. There is no single source of errors, or one single solution. The steps outlined below will help improve Orion's scoring for large format targets. It is also important to keep that is will always take a skilled statistical officer working with Orion to correctly score all targets. Multi-shot groups and cross fires alone will require intervention beyond Orion's capabilities.

Check the Scoring Sensitivity Settings

Visit the Orion's Scoring Sensitivity for complete information on adjusting the scoring settings. Two settings in particular can help with scoring issues.

Turn "Conventional" on when scoring Conventional targets (e.g. the 50yd. Conventional Rifle target). Turn it off when scoring international targets (e.g. the 50m Rifle target).

Increase the "Relative Threshold" if Orion is picking up phantom shots. Decrease the "Relative threshold" if Orion is not finding shots. It is a best practice to adjust this value in .1 increments.


Check the Lighting

Orion requires target photographs to be taken with a minimum of 2000 lux. If you are taking photographs of targets indoors most indoor lighting is less than 500 lux, well below the minimum. We recommend taking target photographs either outdoors or with professional photography lighting.

Shadows on the target can also cause phantom shots. Typically early in the morning when the sun is at a low angle, the clips on the targets can cast unusual shadows that can create scoring issues.


Check your Orion Version

Check that you are running the latest version of Orion (Currently Version Orion desktop gets updated about once a month, often with improvements and bug fixes.