Mobile-Friendly Targets

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Mobile-Friendly Targets

Below is a list of currently supported targets that allow you to use your Orion Mobile app to scan targets for Orion Desktop to score.


Target Type

Product Code/SKU (for ordering)

50m Rifle 6-Bull Target *


50m Rifle reduced for 50yd. 6-Bull Target *


50yd. Conventional Rifle 6-Bull Target *


50m Conventional Rifle 6-Bull Target *


50m Conventional Rifle reduced for 50yd. 6-Bull Target *


100yd. Conventional Rifle 3-Bull Target ^


25yd. and 50yd. Rimfire Sporter 1-Bull Target ^


Large Barcode Labels


* These target types come in two varieties. Orion's Mobile Phone application supports photographing both options for scoring. The first option, Scanner or Camera Image Acquisition uses Orion's heavy target paper and is perforated into individual aiming bulls that may be scanned for scoring using any supported scanner. The paper however must be protected from rain and wind, as either may damage the paper. The second option Camera Only Image Acquisition uses a weatherproof paper and is not perforated, and thus does not support scanning. This option however may be used in rain and windy conditions.


^ These targets are available with just one option. Camera Only Image Acquisition. Due to its size this target can not be scanned. Instead, this target may only be scored using Orion's mobile phone application. This target may be used in rain and windy conditions.