Photographing Targets via the Squadding List

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Photographing Targets via the Squadding List

There are multiple ways to photograph targets using the Orion Mobile Application. This help section describes how to take photographs of a single athlete's targets via the Squadding List. This method is best if you are a stat officer and only have to take one photograph of one athlete's targets.


Create a match inside of Orion Desktop with Large Format Target scoring enabled.

1.Locate and open your match inside of Orion Mobile.

2.With the Match Home Screen, select View Squadding

a.Opening the Squadding List

b.Sort by last name

3.Select the athlete you wish to score a target for

4.Select the appropriate stage (prone one, prone two, kneeling one, etc.)

5.Select the Camera Image under Target Photos

6.Align the red circle(s) with the target

oThe alignment circles are a guide. The guide overlay and the target bulls should be as close to centered as possible.

7.Select Take Snap

8.Go back to Squadding List to prepare for the next target


Your images will be sent to the Orion Desktop Application for processing.