Rulebook Adaptations

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Rulebook Adaptations

Rulebook Adaptations

Rulebook adaptations are design decisions Orion made when implementing governing body rulebooks. Match Directors should review any adaptations Orion made for their specific rulebook and course of fire.

CMP Air Gun

CMP (Bullseye) Pistol

NRA Air Rifle

NRA Precision Pistol

NRA Smallbore Rifle

National Three-Position Air Rifle Council

USA Shooting Air Rifle

USA Shooting Air Pistol

USA Shooting Smallbore Rifle


Commitment to National Governing Body Rules

Scopos is committed to providing rulebooks, courses of fire, and reconfigurable rulebook definition files in Orion that conform to the rules of the major national governing bodies within the United States, which includes USA Shooting, the Civilian Marksmanship Program, and the National Rifle Association. Rulebooks or course of fire outside of these governing bodies are possible. Organizations that wish to commission Scopos to include their rules and courses of fire may contact us for pricing.