NRA Air Rifle

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NRA Air Rifle

Athena supports a number of NRA Air Rifle: Air Rifle courses of fire. When creating a match with an NRA Air Rifle: Air Rifle course of fire the match director should be aware of the following adaptations. Where applicable the Match Director should announce these adaptations in the match program.

Time Limits

All change over periods are five minutes.

All preparation periods are three minutes.

Target Heights

As the NRA rulebook does not specify target heights for EST targets, Athena instead uses the target heights specified by the National Three-Position Air Rifle rulebook.

500mm for prone

800mm for kneeling and sitting

1400mm for standing

Red and Green Lights During Preparation Period

Athena is programmed to use the standard Red-X light to indicate athletes should not be shooting. And the Green-O light to indicate they may begin shooting.

During the preparation period, Athena is programmed to illuminate both the Red-X and Green-O simultaneously, at the start of the preparation period. By illuminating both, the indication to the athlete is, they may dry-fire, conduct holding exercises, but may not shoot. Both lights are then turned off, after five seconds, to prevent the lights from bothering the athletes while they are dry-firing.

Switching From Sighters to Record Fire Shots

Under NRA rules there is no separate sighting period. Instead athletes choose for themselves when to switch from sighters to record fire shots. Athletes choose to make this switch by interacting with their Athlete Monitor. For example, in the prone position:

Tap the Enter PRONE button to switch to prone record fire shots.

Tap the Enter PRONE SIGHTERS button to switch back to prone sighter shots.

A gray triangle, in the upper right corner of the target image indicates to the athlete when they are shooting sighters shots. The triangle disappears when the athlete is firing record fire shots.

The Range Officer, using Orion, may also change the Segment an athlete is on during a match.

"Safety Flag" Instead of "ECI"

The NRA term "ECI," short for empty chamber indicator, was replaced with the more commonly used term "Safety Flag."