Changing a Target's Segment

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Changing a Target's Segment

During a competition it is possible for the Range Officer (or Statistical Officer) to change a Firing Point's "Segment." For example in a Course of Fire that allows the athlete to choose to go from sighting shots to record fire shots, the Range Officer, via Orion, can make this change for the athlete, or take the athlete back from record fire shots to sighting shots.

The options to change a Firing Point's Segment is dependent on both the Course of Fire and where in the Range Script the match is currently at. Some Course of Fire may not allow any changes.

Changing a Firing Point's Segment

To change a Firing Point's Segment, a match must be open, in competition mode, and the Range Control tab selected.

In the center section of the Range Control tab (aka the Firing Point Data Grid), right click on the firing point you want to change. The pop up menu will list the options to change to. Select the new Segment to move to.


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