Range Script Control

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Range Script Control

In a competition the Range Script is used to control very nearly all aspects of the Athena range. Including such things as the target definition, height of the target, time limits, and of course the number of shots that are fired. When Orion opens a Match the corresponding Course of Fire definition is also loaded which contains the Range Script. Please note that not all Orion rulebooks and courses of fire are supported by Athena.

Range Officer Commands

In an Orion Match (a competition) the Range Officer controls the range using the Range Script Control. After a relay is pushed to Athena the Range Script is reset.

"Current Command" is the command that the Range Officer should read, with the notes about that command listed below it. "Next Command" is the command that is coming up next.

Advancing the Range Script

The "Next Command" button is used to advance to the Next Command in the Range Script. Doing so may trigger Athena to change its state, such as moving the target lift up or down, or start or stop the Range Timer.