Orion's Integration with Athena

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Orion's Integration with Athena

The Orion software is used to communicate with and control the Athena EST Units. This includes the following actions:

Update Athena's software.

Setting an Athena range to be in practice mode.

Running a Match with Athena, which includes controlling the EST Units and running the range script.

Configuring the Spectator Display modules.

Maintenance Operations on an Athena range such as putting the targets into a maintenance mode, rebooting them, or turning the power off.

Range Control Tab

Orion's Range Control tab is the primary access point for viewing the state of the Athena Range as well as controlling it during a competition.

Orion Must be on the Athena Network

As a prerequisite, for proper communication between Orion and Athena. Orion must be configured with your accounts security certificates and be on your Athena Network.

Orion's Athena interface is not included with an Orion at Home account.

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