Orion Configuration for Athena

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Orion Configuration for Athena

The Orion Scoring Software is used to communicate with the Athena Targets, Monitors, and Displays. This includes, for example, pushing out a new course of fire for a match, putting the targets into practice mode, receiving scores from the Targets, and updating Athena's software. There are a few specific steps needed to get Orion communicating with Athena.

1.Place your Orion Windows computer on the Athena WiFi Network.
In order for Orion to communicate with Athena Orion must be on your Athena WiFi Network. Please ensure the computer that runs the Orion Scoring System software is on the same network as the Athena family of products. This means either connecting the computer to the Athena Network's WiFi or using an Ethernet cable to plug the computer into the Athena Network's router.

2.Update the Orion software and install the Orion certificate files for Athena.

3.Import the Root Certificate Authority for Athena into your Windows operating system.

4.Update the Athena Software.
If after installing the Root Certificate Authority Orion still reports a communication error see the trouble shooting guide.

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