Adding a New Firing Point or Display to Your Range

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Adding a New Firing Point or Display to Your Range

After your initial purchase of Athena for Clubs many clubs may purchase additional Targets, Monitors, or Displays. These are called "add-ons." When your add-ons arrive they need to be integrated into your existing range. Follow the steps below to complete this process. Please note that Internet access is required to complete these steps.

1.Physically set up your Targets, Monitors, and Displays. However, do not power on your new equipment yet.
See Unpacking Your Targets and Monitors for instructions.

2.Update your Network Manager's software, this will tell your Network Manager about the new Targets, Monitors, or Displays.

a.Inside of Orion, from the menu click on Athena -> Upgrade Athena's Software.

b.In the Upgrade Athena's Software dialogue box enter in "production" into the "Network Manger Version to Upgrade to".

c.Click on the "Upgrade Network Manager" button.

d.When the message, "It is now safe to close this window" appears, the software update is complete, but the Network Manager still has to reboot. While it is rebooting, the EST Units will disconnect and then reconnect.

2.Update Orion with your new Targets, Monitors, or Displays.

a.From the menu click on Athena -> "Re-Download Athena Configuration Files."

b.Click "Yes" to confirm.

c.Orion will restart.

d.Once it restarts, you'll see new rows in your Range Control tab corresponding to your new EST Units. The data in the rows, at this time, will not be complete.

3.Turn on your new Targets, Monitors, or Displays.
Please wait at least three minutes before proceeding to give the units time to connect. To verify that the units connected, view the "Version" column in the Range Control tab. The version value will change from "1.0.0" (the default) to the actual version value "" (or similar).

4.Send the Firing Point configuration to your range. This will tell the new Targets and Monitors their new Firing Point values.

a.From the menu click on Athena -> "Send Firing Point Configuration".

b.Click "Yes" to confirm.

c.This process will only take a few seconds to complete. In the Range Control tab the new Targets and Monitors will list their updated firing point values.

5.If you installed a new Firing Point (Target and Monitor combination) send practice mode to them.

a.Click on the "Athena Unit Maintenance" button (looks like a wrench), or click on Athena -> Athena Unit Maintenance from the menu bar.

b.Put a check in the checkbox next to the new Targets.

c.In the Athena Maintenance window, click on Miscellaneous -> Send Practice to Targets -> Air Rifle (or Air Pistol).

d.The new Monitors should change to practice mode.

6.Re-set the Firing Point to Display mapping. This has to be done because in step 2 the configuration files were re-downloaded.

a.Open the Range Control tab.

b.In the bottom third of the screen lists each MM100 Spectator Display installed on your range. Double click the row representing the MM100 you want to configure. This will open the EST Display Form window.

c.At the top of the form, type in the firing points you want to assign to this Display. Separate the firing point numbers using commas or spaces. Up to 16 firing points may to assigned to on Display.

d.Optionally, set the Current Event Assignment to "AthenaPracticeAssignments.json". This Event Assignment file will show the live target images on the Display.

e.Click "Save" to send the new configuration to the Display.