Composing Configuration Files for the Spectator Displays

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Composing Configuration Files for the Spectator Displays

Spectator Displays are highly configurable. They are configured through a series of JSON formatted files known as "Display configuration files." The Display configuration files drive what is displayed on the Displays and when. There are three types of Display configuration files, they are View Definitions, View Configurations, and Event Assignments.

The first step in understanding how a Spectator Display may be configured is to understand Display Events. A Display Event is a specific point of time during a COURSE OF FIRE.  For example the start of sighters, the end of sighters, the start of qualification, the end of qualifications, and many more. There are over 50 different defined Display Events. A typical COURSE OF FIRE range script will only use a subset of the defined Display Events, usually only 10 to 20.

When a Display Event occurs, that triggers the Spectator Display to (potentially) change what it shows on screen. The "what" a Spectator Display shows is formally known as a View Configuration. Each Display Event is mapped to one View Configuration, this is knows as the Event Assignments.  

A View Configuration in turn lists one or more View Definitions to show. A View Definition lists specific Display Entities. A Display Entity are things like ranked list of athletes, athlete scores, or images to show on the Spectator Display. A Display Entity then has it's own set of configurations.

View Definitions

A View Definition defines a screen that is displayed by a Spectator Display at one moment in time. It defines the Display Entity to show, the Display Entity's configuration, and options to show or hide the top and bottom strip.

View Configurations

A View Configuration defines a series (1 or more) View Definitions to load into the Spectator Display along with optional Marquee Messages (the bottom strip). There is usually one View Configuration for each segment of a match.

Event Assignment

An Event Assignment is the mapping of the Course of Fire's Display Event and the View Configuration to display when the Display Event if fired.

NOTE a Display Event is part of the SegmentGroupCommand definition, which is part of the Course of Fire's Range Script.

Event Assignment mappings can be configured through the Display Configuration Form dialogue.

Customer Authoring

Orion users are able, and encouraged to write their own View Definition, View Configuration, and Event Assignment files. These are stored in sub-directories under My Matches/DATABASE/Display.

Orion Supplied Files

Any file that is starts with the name "Athena" is a default file that comes with Orion. Customers should not edit these files as they may be overwritten in newer versions of Orion. Instead customers should compose their own files. Our recommendation is to copy an Athena supplied file to start with, giving your copy a new name, then edit the copy.


Authoring custom View Definition, View Configuration, and Event Assignment files is outside the scope of the Orion or Athena End User License Agreement.

Scopos does warrant that Spectator Displays will behave according to this documentation when the Display configuration files are written correctly.

Customers are encouraged to submit enhancement requests for the Display configuration files. If we like your idea, we may include it as part of the standard Orion installation. Enhancement requests may be sent to

Customers may also contact Scopos to compose Display configuration files for your individual use for a consulting fee.

MM100 Spectator Display Technical Overview Video

Learn more about the MM100 and how to compose your own Display configuration files by following along with Dr. Erik Anderson and Ben Wolin.

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