National Three-Position Air Rifle Council

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National Three-Position Air Rifle Council

Orion, and Orion with Athena supports all of the National Three-Position Air Rifle Council rulebook's courses of fire. When creating a match with the NTPARC rulebook match directors should be aware of the following adaptations.

Accumulative Finals

The NTPARC rulebook calls accumulative Finals "Standard Finals."

When using Athena, courses of fire with accumulative Finals (e.g. 3x10 plus Final), the range script is written to allow all athletes to compete in the Final. This is allowed under rule 10.1.2.a (Finals for All Athletes). When calculating the result lists, Orion will only include the Final score for the top 8 athletes after qualification (rule 10.1.2.a).

For more information for running an accumulative final for all athletes visit our help section on Finals.