Running a Qualification plus Accumulative Final Match

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Running a Qualification plus Accumulative Final Match

Orion plus Athena supports two different types of Finals. The newer "Start from Zero" finals, where qualification scores are drooped and finalists start from zero. And the older "Accumulative" Finals where the aggregate is scores from qualification plus final scores.  This article explains how to run an Accumulative Final with Orion plus Athena.

Accumulative Finals are being phased out of the sport. Match Directors are instead encouraged to run Start from Zero Finals.

There are two ways to hold a match with an Accumulative Final, with all athletes competing in the Final after they have completed their qualification relay. Or with the twp eight athletes returning to compete in the Final.

Creating a Match with Accumulative Final

Match creation is done like any other match using Orion. See Creating a Match for Athena for generalized instructions. All course of fire in Orion that have an Accumulative Final will have the word "plus Final" in the name of the course of fire. Be sure to select the appropriate course of fire and make sure it is supported by Athena.

Accumulative Final with All Athletes Competing in the Final

This is the default and expected way Orion plus Athena conducts an Accumulative Final. In this method all athletes compete in the qualification stage. When the qualification stage is done, and for all relays, all athletes immediately go into shooting their accumulative final. The Range Script is written precisely in this way.

Orion, when it calculates the aggregates results, will display the Final score for all athletes. However, will only rank athletes using their Final score, if they were in the top 8 after qualification.

This option is preferable when competitions are running multiple relays over multiple days, and it is not always possible to have the top eight athletes physically return to compete in the Final.

Accumulative Final for Only the Top 8 Athletes

As this is not the default nor expected way Orion plus Athena conducts an Accumulative Final, some manual intervention is required to correctly conduct this match.

Set Aside a Relay for the Accumulative Finals

In this method plan to separate qualification relays from the Finals relays. For example, say you have a match requiring two relays for qualification. These would of course be relays 1 and 2. Your Final relay would be relay 3.

Conducting the Qualification

1.All athletes compete in their qualification relay. In the example above this is relays 1 and 2.

2.After each relay the accumulative Final portion of the Range Script is initially skipped.

Squadding for the Final

To complete this step, make sure all Athena Targets and Monitors are turned on and connected.

1.After all qualification relays have completed, make a note of the top eight athletes. In the example above, this would be after relay 2.

2.In Orion, under the Match Competitors tab, manually adjust the squadding of the top eight athletes.

a.Change the relay, of each of these top 8 athletes, to your designated Final relay number. In the example above this is relay 3.

b.Change the firing point to the athletes corresponding ranking after qualification.
Usually firing point 1 is a hospital point.
The athlete ranked in first is squadded to firing point 2.
The athlete ranked in second is squadded to firing point 3.
And so on.

Conducting the Accumulative Final

1.Push the Final relay out to Athena, with the strong recommendation of making unused firing points into Hospital Firing Points.

2.In Orion's Range Control tab, use the Next Command button to advance through the qualification portion of the Range Script.
And no, there is not a way to skip this step.

3.Once you've advanced to the start of the Final in the Range Script, call your athletes to the line, and conduct your Final.