USA Shooting Smallbore Rifle

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USA Shooting Smallbore Rifle

USA Shooting is the United State's National Governing Body for both ISSF events and WSPS (World Shooting Para Sport) events.

Paralympic Category

Orion currently does not support the Paralympic categories (SH1, SH2) for USA Shooting's smallbore rifle events.

Advancing to the Next Position

After an athlete has fired the expected number of shots in a position, Athena will automatically advance the athlete to the "STOP Segment" for that position (so named because it will display the stop sign in the bottom left of the target image). To advance to the next position, the athlete needs to tap the Enter Prone Sighters or Enter Standing Sighters button, and then confirm.

A gray triangle, in the upper right corner of the target image indicates to the athlete when they are shooting sighters shots. The triangle disappears when the athlete is firing record fire shots.

The Range Officer, using Orion, may also change the Segment an athlete is on during a match.

Target Heights

As USA Shooting does not have a rulebook that covers 50ft events, it does not specify target heights for EST targets, Athena instead uses the target heights specified by the CMP rulebook.

500mm for prone

800mm for kneeling and sitting

1400mm for standing

50m Rifle reduced for 50ft Target

As USA Shooting does not have a rulebook that covers 50ft events, it does not have target dimensions for a 50ft target. Orion and Athena instead use the scoring ring dimensions defined by the CMP rulebook.

Accumulative Finals and P-S-K Ordering

The following course of fire listed under the USAS Smallbore Rifle rulebook are not supported within Rezults or Score History, and are provided within Orion as is (without warranty or support). Each of these are deprecated, and may be removed from Orion in a future build.

3x20 (KPS) plus Final

3x40 (KPS) plus Final

3x10 (PSK)

3x20 (PSK)

3x40 (PSK)

3x20 (PSK) plus Final

3x40 (PSK) plus Final

60 Prone plus Final


These courses of fire were removed from the printed USA Shooting rulebook in 2014. Due to their outdated nature, Scopos can no longer support them. Customers who wish to continue to use these course of fire should contact Scopos to commission their own rulebook within Orion.