Submitting scores to the CMP

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Submitting scores to the CMP

When using Orion to conduct a match sanctioned by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) the user has the option of reporting scores at the conclusion of the match electronically to the CMP. The CMP tracks all scores fired in sanctioned matches through their Competition Tracker (CT) online application ( When reporting scores electronically to the CMP, Orion is communicating directly with CT.

Supported Rulebooks and Courses of Fire

The following Orion rulebooks and courses of fire are supported when submitting scores to the CMP

Orion Rulebook

Course of Fire

CMP's (Printed) Rulebook

National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules

3x10 (PSK)

3x20 (PSK)

3x10 (KPS)

3x20 (KPS)

40 Standing

60 Standing

National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules

USA Shooting: Air Rifle

60 Standing

CMP Air Rifle and Air Pistol Competition Rules

USA Shooting: Air Pistol

60 Standing

CMP Air Rifle and Air Pistol Competition Rules

Uploading Scores to the CMP

To successfully upload scores to the CMP, the CMP competitor number must be used as the Orion competitor number for all shooters.

1.Conduct your match with Orion. Only upload scores after all scores are final.

2.Enter in the match ID and authentication code. This information should have been provided to you by the CMP.

1.Open Match Properties. From the menu bar click on 'Match' and then 'Match Properties.'

2.Click on the 'Sanctioning' tab within Match Properties.

3.Check the 'Sanctioned with the National Three Position Air Rifle Council.'

4.Type in the 'CMP Match ID' and 'Authentication Code.'

5.Click 'Save.'

3.Upload scores to the CMP.

1.From the menu bar click on 'Match' then 'Export' and then 'CMP Upload.'

2.Orion will first do a preliminary check and may warn you about any potential problems with the upload, such as making sure all athletes have a last name and competitor number.

3.Once the preliminary check is done Orion will try to communicate with the CMP server, transferring scores. Orion will either return a success message or report any errors.

4.If there is an error, correct the problem and then try to upload again.

Additional Information

To report scores electronically, the match director or statistical officer (the Orion user) has additional requirements to fulfill.

All athletes in the match must have a pre-existing CMP competitor number. The CMP competitor number is unique to each athlete and is typically 5 or 6 numeric characters long. A athlete may register for a CMP competitor number at There is no fee to register. Due to privacy concerns the CMP does not permit looking up or creating a athlete’s CMP competitor number from within Orion.

The CMP competitor number must be used as the Orion competitor number for all athletes.

oOrion will not upload an athlete's score who's computer number is listed as an empty string.

The Rifle Type Category must be used within the Orion match. If Rifle Type is not used Orion will assume all athletes and teams are Sporter and submit scores to the CMP as such.

The CMP 'Match ID' and 'authentication code' must be supplied to Orion (see instructions above). The match id and authentication code will be provided to the match director after the CMP sanctions the match. Contact the CMP if this information is not provided.

oThe authentication code is an eight character random string unique to each CMP match. It is used by CT to verify the identity of the match director. It is important not to share the match’s authentication code with anyone. Treat it as a password.

The Orion match must have the same course of fire (either 3 by 10 or 3 by 20 with or without a final) as the match sanctioned and approved by the CMP.

The computer running Orion must have Internet access.

The match director must still submit a report to the CMP and pay applicable fees. In addition, the match director must submit a statement stating that he or she has verified as correct the scores posted on CT for the specified match.

Electronically reporting scores to the CMP should only be done at the conclusion of the match and after all scores within Orion are correct.

oWhen uploading scores to CT, be aware that any existing scores from the specified CT match will be overwritten by the scores currently being uploaded.

You may separately upload your match scores to Orion's Result Center (this is a best practice); however, uploading scores to the Result Center is not the same as uploading scores to the CMP. They are two independent processes.

If you are running a Virtual Match, the Parent and each Child must independently sanction their match with the CMP and upload scores.

Contacting the CMP

For questions or problems users can contact the CMP at 419-635-2141 ext 1102, or by email

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