Printing Orion Scorecards and BB Gun Test Answer Sheets

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Printing Orion Scorecards and BB Gun Test Answer Sheets

Customers may purchase scorecard files as downloadable PDFs from Scopos' website. Using these PDFs customers may print the scorecards for their own use.  

Purchasing Downloadable Scorecard PDFs

Visit Scopos' website at Look for the scorecards named with "Downloadable File."

Purchasing Orion Scorecards

With the notable exception of the BB Gun Test scorecard, Scopos will soon stop selling pre-printed scorecards. Going forward customers who wish to use scorecards in their matches must print their own.

Printing Requirements

Heavyweight cover stock must be used, between 40-55lb weight is required for printing scanable scorecards. Lighter weight paper may cause compatibility issues with Orion, and heavier is going to be outside of the specifications for Canon scanners compatible with Orion.

Professional print services are recommended over printing from a home printer.

The BB Gun Test and Shotgun scorecards must be printed on Letter size paper (8.5 x 11in).

The Silhouette, High Power Rifle, and Rimfire Sporter scorecards must be printed either on Half Letter size paper (5.5 x 8.5in) or printed on Letter size paper and cut to Half Letter.

Edits to the down loadable PDFs are not allowed.

Almost all scorecards must be printed on two sides, there is a front and a back. The BB Gun test scorecard is the only exception, there is only a front side to this scorecard.

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