Creating or joining a Virtual Match

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Creating or joining a Virtual Match

Virtual Matches allow two or more teams to seamlessly compete against each other from geographically different locations. To anyone watching scores on the Internet, a virtual match will be no different than a traditional match.

Orion at Home users may join a Virtual Match but may not create them.


The most recent version of Orion Scoring System (Currently Version

Result Center must be enabled for each Orion user participating in the Virtual Match.


Understanding the Parent - Child Relationship.

Virtual matches work on a "parent - child" relationship. There is a single parent match that has overall control. The parent match sets the name, dates, rules, course of fire, and other options. The parent match also creates and provides permission for 'child' matches.

A child match inherits all of the properties from the parent. A child match can not modify the primary match properties.

There can be many child matches, there is only one parent match.


Creating a New Virtual Match Parent.

When creating a new Virtual Match the user begins by creating the parent match and may set all of the match properties.

1.From Orion's Menu click on 'File' then 'New Match,' and then 'Create a new Virtual Match Parent.'

2.The Match Properties window will appear. Select the properties of the match as desired. Note: Unlike traditional Local Matches, the options under the 'Categories' tab can not be updated after the match is created.

3.Click on 'Save.'

4.Users of Orion at Home will not be able to create Virtual Match Parents


Creating Child Matches.

Creating child matches can only be done from the parent match. The host of the child match later downloads the match to their Orion system.

1.Open the parent match in Orion.

2.From Orion's menu bar click on 'Match' and then 'Virtual Match Children.'

3.The Virtual Match Children Window will open. On the left hand side, search for and select the Orion users you want to add to the match. Click 'Add' for each user.

4.Confirm the name of the Orion user.

Once a child match is created it is not possible to remove it.


Downloading a Child Match.

These steps are done by the hosts of the child matches.

1.From Orion's menu bar click on 'File' then 'New Match' and then 'Download a Virtual Match Child.'

2.The Download a Virtual Match window will appear. Select the match to download.

oIf the match you wish to join is not listed, contact the primary match sponsor.

3.Click the Download button.

oOnce a match is downloaded it is not possible to download it again.

4.The Match Properties box will appear. Specify the start and end date for your specific child match, and set the City and State on the 'Result Center' tab.

5.Click the 'Save' button.