CMP Sanctioned Match - Including shooters with unknown CMP number

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CMP Sanctioned Match - Including shooters with unknown CMP number

When running a CMP sanctioned competition, the shooter's CMP competitor number must be the shooter's competitor number within Orion. This helps to guarantee each competitor gets credit, including any EIC points, for the scores he or she fires when the scores are reported to the CMP. While most competitors will know their CMP number, some either do not have a CMP number yet, or do not know it.

Looking up a shooter's CMP competitor number:

If a shooter has ever fired in a CMP sanctioned event, he or she has a CMP competitor number. CMP numbers are typically 6 numeric digits (e.g. 123456). If a shooter has a CMP number but does not know it, it may be looked up on the CMP website.

The address to go to is


Using sequential competitor numbers for shooters without a CMP number.

If a shooter does not yet have a CMP number, use a temporary sequential and fictitious number within Orion during the match. After the match, contact the CMP to create a new number for these athletes.

Either create a new Match or with an existing match open Match Properties

Click on the Comp. Num. (Competitor Number) tab.

For Default Competitor Number select Use Membership Field with CMP Competitor ID.

This will pull from the shooter database the CMP ID for any athlete added to the match that has a known competitor number.

Put a check in the Use sequential numbers as secondary source checkbox.

This will assign sequential competitor numbers (e.g. 101, 102, 103) to any athlete that does not know their competitor number.

Click Save when ready.


Before the Match

Add the athletes to the match on the Match Competitor's tab.

oIf you pulled the athlete from the database, and the CMP ID was known, Orion will populate the competitor number column with his or her CMP ID.

oIf the CMP ID is not known, or you added the athlete manually, Orion will populate the competitor number column with a sequential number.

Print barcode labels for this athlete using these competitor numbers.


During the match.

Load and score targets from the athlete as you normally would. It is important not to change the athlete's competitor number until after he or she has finished firing.


After the match.

Contact the CMP to acquire a CMP number for the shooter.

Update the assigned sequential competitor number with the new CMP competitor number.

Upload the results to the CMP server.