Score History

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Score History

Imagine, every score you ever shoot, no matter the discipline, no matter the location, no matter the course of fire. Imagine this including all your competition scores and all your practice scores. And imagine all of these scores sent securely to the most convenient place possible, the phone sitting in your hand.

Stop imagining! Rezults’ Score History is now available to all athletes.

Using your Scopos account, athletes may now log on to Rezults using your mobile phone by visiting With Score History athletes may:

View their trends

Watch their averages

Find the last score they shot

Track every score they ever shot

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Score History works by linking athletes to scores they shot using Orion, Athena, or manually added. To get started, athletes must sign up for a free Scopos account.  

Orion users may track scores by linking athletes from the Match Competitors tab.

Athena users may log into their firing point to track their scores.