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Version maintains a series of REST APIs, allowing external users to access our data and interact with Orion and Athena programmatically.


Public API

The Public API allows access to:

Match data and scores that the owner has marked as Publicly available. Basically, the same data that is available on the Result Center.

Reconfigurable Rulebook definition files.

Add or edit Orion's registration data, shot data, and virtual matches (coming soon).

Authenticated API

The Authenticated API requires Scopos account (email and password, previously known as a Orion mobile account) access, and allows users to access:

Their personal match data and scores.

Internal API

The Internal API is for Scopos use only and requires log in credentials to access.

X API Keys

An X API Key is required to access all of our REST APIs. The key is added to the header of the request, with key value "x-api-key".

Example X API Key: GyaHV300my60rs2ylKug5aUgFnYBj6GrU6V1WE33

Orion for Clubs Customers

Existing Orion license customers may interact with the Public and Authenticated APIs using your existing X API Key. Which may be found on your Orion Customer Information page, near the bottom of the page.

These X API Keys are tied to a usage plan that will allow clubs to access the API at a rate consistent with a Clubs personal use but not for application development.

Personal Use

Individuals who wish to interact with the REST API for their personal use, and not for application development, may contact us for a free X API Key.

Application Developers

Individuals or companies who wish to interact with the REST API for application development may purchase an annual X API Key license. Contact us for pricing and usage plans.