Practice Interface

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Practice Interface

Athena's practice is divided into four categories listed below. The user interface is not only dependent on the type of practice being conducted, but the specific Loaded Course of Fire.

Formal Practice

Formal Practices are intended to mimic competition courses of fire. This includes the number of shots fired in a stage, time limits, and warnings. The notable difference between a competition and a formal practice is that the athlete controls the advancement of Commands in a formal practice, instead of the range officer.

Informal Practice

An Informal Practice lets the athlete shoot as much slow fire on any target as he or she wants, up to 500 shots, within an Event Style.


A Drill is designed to focus the athlete's attention on one specific aspect of shooting; it is designed to teach a specific skill. For example shot calling, adjusting sights, or shooting within specific time limits.


A Game is an interactive drill between two or more athletes, and usually with some form of alternative scoring.