Informal Practice

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Informal Practice

An Informal Practice lets an athlete shoot as much slow fire on any target as they want, up to 500 shots, within an Event Style. Athletes can control the target manually; however, there is no range script. In this mode, the athlete can fire at their own pace.

For Orion users: Since Informal Practice puts the athlete in charge of control of the Firing Point, the target/monitor does not interact much with Orion outside of basic controls and maintenance features.

Informal Practice cannot be adjusted by the athlete if the target is in an active relay. If you would like to have an extra target in practice mode, this has to be set when sending the relay to the range.


Enabling Informal Practice Mode

To load Course of Fire from the main screen select the Menu button.


Select the Advanced button.


In the top-left, select the Load New COF button to advance.


Informal Practice will allow the athlete to set a position and shoot as they wish without range commands or timers. Target controls can be found by selecting Menu, then Series Menu.


The Discipline button will allow the athlete to select between Rifle and Pistol. Options will let the athlete choose between Air Rifle and Smallbore Rifle (if using the NC200 target). When putting the target into Informal Practice, the athlete will need to select the discipline and option, then select the Load button at the bottom. A confirmation will appear on the screen before loading.



Once the Course of Fire is loaded, the athlete will automatically be brought back to the main screen. The firing point is ready for sighter shots at this stage.


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