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An Event Style defines a type of shooting.

When defining Event Styles the following principles should be employed:

Attributes should not be included in defining an Event Style unless the Attribute refers to different equipment classes. For example, in the ISSF Men’s and Women’s air rifle should not be two different Event Styles since both events are ran by the exact same rules. However, in three-position air rifle there should be separate Event Styles for Sporter and Precision since they represent fundamentally different equipment.

Team events should not have their own Event Styles if the individual and team event have the exact same Stage Styles.

Events that could be shot at similar but different distances should not be given different Event Styles. Unless again they represent different equipment classes or the difference in distance is sufficiently large. For example shooting at 50m is close enough to 50yds. that the two may be given the same Event Style. However, shooting at 50ft since it is indoors and 1/3rd the distance would be a different Event Style.


Attribute Name




String formatted as a Hierarchical Name

The unique name space and proper name of this definition.

Required. The namespace must be assigned to the users account when uploading to Orion's cloud.



A human readable description of this EVENT STYLE object.

Not required, but strongly recommended.



A human readable, and commonly referred to name for this EVENT STYLE.

Not required, but strongly recommended. If not included, the ProperName portion of the HierarchicalName field is used.


String formatted as a Version

The version number for this definition. User must update this value with each new version uploaded to Orion's cloud.



String formatted as a Type

Identifies that this is a EVENT STYLE type definition.

Required. Must be the value, "EVENT STYLE".


String formatted as a Set Name

Unique identifier given to this definition within all EVENT STYLE objects.

This value is controlled by Orion, users should not add this attribute to their definition files. See Set Names for more information.


String formatted as an Owner

The Orion Account Owner of this EVENT STYLE definition.

Required. Must be users Orion Account value.


String formatted as a Discipline

The shooting discipline that uses this EVENT STYLE.



String formatted as a Subdiscipline and Tags

The subdiscipline to categorize this EVENT STYLE.

Not required, but strongly recommended.


List of Strings formatted as a Subdiscipline and Tags

The tag or tags to categorize with.

Not required but strongly recommended.


String formatted as a JSON Version

The JSON Version value for this definition.


Not required. Assumed to be 2020-03-31 if not included.



True if this EVENT STYLE is no longer in use.


Not Required. Defaults to false if not included.


List of strings formatted as SetNames

An ordered list of STAGE STYLEs that comprise the EVENT STYLE. Each STAGE STYLE is listed by its SetName.

Either EventStyles or StageStyles, but not both, is required. If included at least one STAGE STYLE must be listed.


List of SimpleCOF

A list of SimpleCOF. This lists the common ways to displaying scores from this EVENT STYLE.

Required only if StageStyles is included, and there must be at least one element in the list. It may not be used if EventStyles is included


List of strings formatted as SetNames

A list (order is inconsequential) of other EVENT STYLEs that are similar to this EVENT STYLE.

Not required.


List of strings formatted as SetNames

An ordered list of EVENT STYLEs that comprise this EVENT STYLE. Each Event Style is listed by its SetName.

Either EVENT STYLEs or StageStyles, but not both, is required. If included at least one EVENT STYLE must be listed




The Reconfigurable Rulebook and functionality will be implemented with the release of Orion Scoring System v. 3.0 (TBA)