Reconfigurable Rulebook

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Reconfigurable Rulebook

The Reconfigurable Rulebook will be released with Orion Scoring System 3.0 (TBA).

Orion's "Reconfigurable Rulebook" is an open standard that allows users to define their own attributes, courses of fire, targets, event and state styles, ranking rules, and results. With this technology the possibilities are nearly endless in terms of how a match is defined. Users finally have the power to create matches exactly how they want to run them.

To use this technology, users create what are known as "Definitions." Definitions are defined using the well known JSON file format. Reconfigurable Rulebook compliant systems, including Orion and Athena, read in the Definition files and formats the match according to the file. Users can create definition files just for themselves, or upload them to Orion's cloud and share them with other users.




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