Maintaining a list of competitor email addresses

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Maintaining a list of competitor email addresses

Communicating with athletes and coaches is an essential part of successful club and match management. Email is one mechanism that helps achieve this goal. Orion provides a series of tools that allow you, as the club or match director, to maintain and use a list of email address from your athletes and coaches.


Hint: Use your Athlete's email address that is registered to the Orion Mobile App for best synchronicity. When you use the their Orion Mobile App's registered email address, athletes will be able to view published results on their mobile device and keep track of their score history. Just make sure your match is configured properly to use this feature. For information about Orion's Mobile App (Scopos no longer supports Orion Mobile App, including the ability to scan targets. Instead customers may use the all new Rezults at, see Orion Mobile Support.


Maintaining Email Addresses.

Athlete Database: The Athlete Database, which is a listing of the athlete's who frequently shoot at a club's range, has an email address field for each athlete.

Matches: In each match, there is a field for tracking a athlete's or team's email address.


Creating an Email for an Individual Athlete.

The following directions are specific for emailing athletes from the Athlete Database. The same basic process may be followed to create emails for an open Match from the 'Match Competitors' or 'Match Teams' tab.

1.Click on the 'Athlete Database' tab.

2.Select the athlete you wish to email.

oTo select a athlete, click on the far left column (to the left of Last Name), the entire row will be highlighted once selected. Multiple athletes may be selected at once by using the shift or control keys.

3.After selecting the athlete right-click the mouse. Orion will display a pop-up menu. Click on the 'Email Individual' option.

Orion will open your default email program and create a new email with the email address of the athletes you previously selected.


Emailing All Athletes in a Match.

1.Open the match from within Orion.

2.From the menu bar, click on 'Match' and then 'Email Participants.'

Orion will open your default email program and create a new email with the email address of all the athletes in your match.