Printing and using Generic Barcode Labels

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Printing and using Generic Barcode Labels

Generic barcode labels are small "return address" size labels that can be printed from within Orion. They contain information about a specific athlete. By affixing the label to an Orion target, Orion will automatically assign the target to the correct athlete when the target is scanned and loaded. Generic barcode labels are only intended for air rifle and smallbore targets.

Generic barcode labels are intended primarily for training but may also be used in competitions. Orion prints 60 generic labels for each athlete, an entire sheet of labels, based on the value of a Membership Field. To customize the list of Membership Fields go to How do I track a shooter's membership number from other organizations?

The correct size labels may be ordered here.

Creating generic barcode labels.

Inside of Orion, click on the 'Athlete Database tab.'

Each athlete will require a numeric entry in the 'Membership' field to be used.

Select the athlete to print labels for by clicking on the far left column (the column to the left of Last Name). The entire row will turn blue once selected.

Right click, select 'Print Labels,' and then the desired Membership Field.


Using generic barcode labels in a match.

Create a new match within Orion by clicking on 'File' and then 'New Match.'

Select the appropriate Rulebook and Course of Fire.

On the 'Comp. Num.' tab select the 'Use Membership Value' radio button and select the same Membership Value used to create the generic barcode labels.

Click 'Save.' Orion will add Favorite Athletes to the match and use the Membership Field value as the Competitor Number.

Load and score targets as normal.


Using generic barcode labels on a target.

Apply one generic barcode label on the target. Place it over the Competitor Number box in the upper right corner.

Fill in the Position and Series bubble as appropriate.