Tracking an athlete's membership number from other organizations

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Tracking an athlete's membership number from other organizations

By default, Orion can track a athlete's CMP Competitor Number or their USA Shooting membership number. Users may also add other identification numbers, such as a school ID, to track within Orion. These are called "membership fields." Tracking membership field values are helpful since they may be used to print generic barcode labels for day-to-day training and use the values as default competitor numbers in a match.

Adding a new Membership Field.

1.Click on 'Database' and then 'Database Properties.'

2.Click on the 'Membership' tab.

3.Click on the 'Add' button.

4.Fill in the information on the name of the Membership organization and a brief description.

5.Click 'Save.'

6.Put a check mark next to the new Membership Field.

7.Click 'Save' again.

8.Orion will add a new column in the Athlete Database with the Membership Field name.


Using Membership Field Values as Default Competitor Numbers.

1.Either create a new match, or open Match Properties, of an existing match.

2.Click on the 'Comp. Num.' tab.

3.Select the 'Use Membership Field value' option.

4.Select the applicable Membership Field value from the drop down list.

5.Click the 'Save' button.

Note: Changing these values only effects competitors added to the match after the change. It will not modify competitors already in the match.