Correcting for a False Positive Frame Hit

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Correcting for a False Positive Frame Hit

A "false positive frame hit" is when Athena reports a frame hit when there wasn't one. This may happen if Athena fails to identify a shot, or the frame hit sensor is dirty and registers a frame hit.

How to Resolve a False Positive Frame Hit

Responsibilities of the Athlete Firing on the Target

If the athlete firing on the target suspects a false positive frame hit, they should immediately alert the Range Officer. The Range Officer will then adjudicate the frame hit.

If a False Hit is Confirmed

If a Frame Hit is confirmed, the shot counts as a MISS and the athlete must continue firing.

If a False Positive Frame Hit is Confirmed

If a false positive frame hit is confirmed, or suspected, the Range Officer will have the shot removed from the Athlete's Monitor. The athlete may then re-fire the previous shot and continue shooting.

Responsibilities of the Range Officer and Statistical Officer

Once alerted, the Range Officer should use a pair of binoculars to inspect the steel frame on the Athena Target.

An Incident Report should be completed by the Range Officer regardless.

If a Frame Hit is Confirmed

If a Frame Hit did occur, the shot will be visible because the paint would be scratched. The Range Officer should notify the athlete and have the athlete continue shooting.

Range Officers are reminded that the steel frame should be inspected and if needed repaired before each relay.

If a False Positive Frame Hit is Confirmed or Suspected

If the Range Officer confirms a false positive Frame Hit, or has reasonable suspicion, the Range Officer should ask the Statistical Officer to delete the shot from within Orion. Once the Statistical Officer (the person running Orion) completes this task, the Frame Hit will be removed from the Athlete's Monitor. The Range Officer then tells the athlete to re-fire the shot and continue shooting.

If the Range Officer is unable to positively identify a physical frame hit (has reasonable suspicion of a false positive), the athlete should be allowed a protest shot. As in the above paragraph the shot should be removed by the Statistical Officer, and the athlete be allowed to continue shooting. However, after the relay is complete the Range Officer should inspect the steel frame closely, and count the shots in the tape feed. If at this point a Frame Hit was found, a MISS should be inserted where the Frame Hit occurred, and the protest shot (the last shot fired by the athlete) should be deleted.

Multiple and Repeated False Positive Frame Hits

Visit Target Reports Erroneous Frame Hits When Shot to learn more.

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