Target Reports Erroneous Frame Hits When Shot

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Target Reports Erroneous Frame Hits When Shot

Causes for False Frame Hits

Correctly Fired Shot is not Scored

False frame hits can be reported on NC100 units with an air gun backstop installed. If a correctly fired shot does not get scored by the Target, it will strike the backstop, which gets interpreted as a Frame Hit.

To troubleshoot and correct these problems, treat the problem as Target Fails to Score a Shot.

Loud Background Sounds

Loud background sounds can trip the frame hit sensor. For example, on the NC200, if the smallbore backstop is too close, when the bullet strikes it the generated sound can cause the frame hit sensor to go off.

Either dampen the smallbore backstop, or turn off the frame hit sensor.

Adjudicating a False Positive Frame Hit

Correcting for a False Positive Frame Hit

Disabling the Frame Hit Sensor

1.From Orion, open the EST Unit Maintenance Form.

2.Select the Target that is reporting false positive frame hits.

3.Turn off the sensor by clicking on Miscellaneous -> Frame Hit Detector -> Disabled.