Understanding Event Style Subscriptions

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Understanding Event Style Subscriptions

Event Style Subscriptions

Event Styles are used to organize your Score History. They represent one unique style of shooting that you may be involved in. Such as CMP's Three-Position Sporter Air Rifle or NRA's .22 Rimfire (Bullseye) Pistol. There are nearly 100 to choose from. You may choose none, or many, Event Styles to track, depending on which disciplines of the shooting sports you are involved in.

An "Event Style Subscription" is how Rezults tracks which Event Styles you want to watch. It also keep track of how you want to view scores from the Event Styles you choose.

When you subscript to an Event Style, you may decide:

Which Course of Fire to use to represent your averages.

Which Course of Fire to use to track your competition record.

Which Score Format (e.g. Integer vs Decimal) to use to view your scores.

Personal, Public, and Coach

There are three different Event Style Subscription lists you may choose from, Personal, Public, and Coach. The scores that get included, and who can see them, differ based on the type.

Personal Event Style Subscriptions are the styles of shooting that you want to see for your own benefit. Score calculations include both your protected practice scores and your public match scores. Only you, when logged into Rezults, will see your Personal Event Style Subscriptions.

Public Event Style Subscriptions are the styles of shooting you want the public to see about you. Score calculations include only publicly available match scores, protected practice scores are not shown. Public Event Style Subscriptions are available to everyone to see, but only if you have enabled your Rezults Athlete Profile.

Coach Event Style Subscriptions are the styles of shooting, you as a coach, want to use to track the progress of your athletes. Score calculations include both athlete's protected and public match scores. Only athletes that have granted you permission, to be their coach, will be shown.
Coach Event Style Subscriptions are not yet available, we'll be adding these soon.

Visit Adding an Event Style Subscription to learn how to subscribe to one or all of these list types.


Each Event Style is unique, with its own choices of Courses of Fire and Score Formats to select from.

Three-Position Sporter Air Rifle

There our four courses of fire:



3x10 with Final

3x20 with Final

There are three Score Formats:




NRA's .22 Rimfire Pistol

Currently there is only one course of fire:

National Match Course

There are three Score Formats:




Customizing an Event Style

Event Styles are constantly being added and updated. It is Scopos' goal to define Event Styles for all the major national governing bodies in the United States. Please contact Scopos if you found an Event Style that may not exist or may not represent the style of shooting as written in the rulebook.

Organizations outside of the national governing bodies may commission Scopos to compose Event Styles for their needs.