Interpreting Your Event Style Subscription Card

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Interpreting Your Event Style Subscription Card

When you subscribe to an Event Style, Rezults will summarize your performance within that Event Style when you log in and view your Score History.

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The Averages value is a weighted average of your recent scores.

More recent practices and competitions count more, scores hot further in the past count less.

Competitions, especially regional and national competitions count more, practices count less.

The format of the Averages score is depending on your Event Style Subscription.

Activity Indicator

The circle next to the Averages score indicates how much you have been shooting in this Event Style in the last week. An empty circle means no activity. A full circle means 6 or more scores.

Trend Indicator

A graph going up, means your scores have been improving over the past 30 days. A graph going down, means your scores have decreased over the past 30 days.

Competition Record

Indicates the highest value competition score, for the selected Course of Fire, stored by Rezults.

Practice scores are excluded from consideration.

Last Competition

The last competition score fired within this Event Style.

Last Practice

The last practice score fired within this Event Style.

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