Setting Up the Spectator Display

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Setting Up the Spectator Display

Spectator Displays are optional components for an Athena range that allow spectator, coaches, and athletes "watch the action" on the range. The MM100, Athena's Spectator Display module, plugs into any HDMI TV and can be configure to display live target images, ranked lists, and more.

Setting Up the Spectator Display with Your TV's HDMI

Each MM100 plugs into one HDMI TV (sold separately) using an HDMI cable.

Set the TV up according to the manufacturers instructions. TVs are best placed in areas that coaches and spectators can easily see them.

TV's Manufacturer's Updates

Today's smart TVs often need updates from their manufacturers. Sometimes these updates include important power settings that help make the TV more efficient. It is important to install these updates when available. To do so you will have to connect your TV to the Internet, and then download and install the updates. Check your TV's manufacturer's instructions on how to do this step.

TV's Aspect Ratio

Adjust the Aspect Ratio of the TV if necessary.

If you purchased a TV sold by Shooters Technology click the menu button -> input settings -> HDMI-1 (or whichever input the MM100 is on) -> picture size -> adjust the screen size.

Powering the MM100

There are two ways to power the MM100. The cables for each option come with the MM100.

Plug the MM100 into it's own wall power socket.

Plug the MM100 into a USB port that provides 5.1V with 2.5 Amps. Many modern TVs (including those sold by Shooter's Technology) have a USB port on them.
IMPORTANT: If you use this option to power the MM100 and on the output display there is a message "Low voltage warning. Please check your power supply," you will have to switch to using the wall power socket. This warning message should not be ignored and is known to cause connection issues with the Athena Network.

Mapping Firing Points to the MM100

Each MM100 can display live target images from 1 to 16 firing points, or none at all. To configure which firing points are displayed on which MM100 use the Orion Range Control tab. It is recommended to only do these steps when no one is shooting on the range, as it will cause the athlete Monitors to flicker.

1.Open Orion and select the Range Control tab.

2.In the bottom third of the screen lists each MM100 Spectator Display installed on your range. Double click the row representing the MM100 you want to configure. This will open the EST Display Form window.
NOTE: If you do not see the Displays listed you may need to re-download your Range Configuration files. See "Downloading New Range Configuration Files" below.

3.At the top of the form, type in the firing points you want to assign to this Display. Separate the firing point numbers using commas or spaces.
NOTE: The MM100 can only display 8 firing point's at a single time. If more than 8 are typed in, the Display will rotate the images.

4.Optionally, set the Current Event Assignment to "AthenaPracticeAssignments.json". This Event Assignment file will show the live target images on the Display.

5.Click "Save" to send the new configuration to the Display.

Downloading New Range Configuration Files

If you recently purchased a MM100, separate from when you purchased your original Athena range, the Display units may not be listed. This is because the Range Configuration files need to be refreshed. To do so, from Orion's menu click on Athena -> Re-Download Athena's Configuration Files.

After downloading, Orion will have to restart.

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