Moving an Athlete to a Different Firing Point

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Moving an Athlete to a Different Firing Point

Occasionally it becomes necessary to move an athlete from their existing firing point to a new firing point during a competition. This may be due to the Target or Monitor needing a repair that can't be done during the competition. To do this, the athlete should be moved to a designated Hospital Firing Point. It is not possible to move an athlete to a different firing point, on the same relay, that is not a designated Hospital Point.

Moving an Athlete to a Hospital Firing Point

When moving an athlete to a new firing point, all Targets and Monitors must be turned on.

If a Firing Point goes down during a competition, take the following steps to move the athlete on that firing point to a Hospital Firing Point.

1.First try and determine if the firing point went down due to a mechanical (e.g. tape feed got stuck), electrical (e.g. power went out), or system software (e.g. Target becomes unresponsive). failure. Take all reasonable steps to repair the firing point, but do so without disturbing other athletes who are currently shooting.

2.If it is not possible to repair the firing point, physically move the athlete to a designated Hospital Firing Point.

3.In Orion, move the athlete to the Hospital Firing Point from the Match Competitors tab. Do so by changing the corresponding Firing Point cell. Orion will move any shots the athlete fired on the old firing point to the new one.
In the event the athlete is moved to a firing point with an athlete already assigned to it, the cell will turn red.

4.Once the range officer has resolved any double assignments, pressing the send relay button and selecting Update Current Relay will move the athlete.

5.Check your rulebook on any extra time or sighter shots the athlete may be allowed. Permitted sighter shots will have to be manually deleted using Orion, and additional time will have to be tracked by the Range Officer.

Moving an Athlete when No Hospital Firing Points are Available

If no Hospital Firing Points are available, the athlete will have to be moved to a later relay where an open firing point is available.

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