Squadding Athletes in a Competition

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Squadding Athletes in a Competition

Athlete Squadding

With Athena all athletes must be assigned (known as squadded) to a unique relay and firing point. Squadding is assigned in the Match Competitors tab.

In the event that two athletes are assigned to the same relay and firing point, the firing point cell will highlight in red, and a pop-up message will appear when it is pushed to the firing points.

Hospital Firing Point

It is a best practice to have at least one Hospital Firing Point per relay when running a competition. A Hospital Firing Point is one that does not have any athlete assigned to it during the current relay. When the current relay is pushed to the targets, Orion will ask if the remaining points should be treated as Hospital Firing Points.

This way, if a firing point goes down, the athlete on the disabled firing point can be moved to the Hospital Firing Point and continue shooting.

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