Athena Network Requirements

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Athena Network Requirements

All Athena devices (Targets, Monitors, Displays, Orion, and the Network Manager) need to be on their own LAN (or VLAN), isolated from any other network(s) you may have. This is to ensure the devices can communicate with each other uninterrupted and in a timely manner.

Customers wishing to use their own networking equipment can do so by following these general guidelines. The Networking equipment purchased with Athena comes pre-configured with these specifications.


For customers who are using their existing networking equipment Internet connectivity is required to set up your Network Manager before your Athena range can be used. For all customers, we strongly recommend connecting your Athena network to the Internet. While Internet is not needed for day to day operation, it is needed for software upgrades and support.  


General Requirements


oLocal DNS supports resolving local-hostnames without the use of a TLD (.com, .local, .home, .lan, etc.)

We recommend the use of dnsmasq, as well as setting local DNS search domain to "local" to execute this.

oDHCP configured for a Class-B or Class-C subnet, depending on your range size.

Shooter's Technology-supplied networking equipment is configured for a Class-B (172.16.x.x) network.

oStatically assign an IP address to the Network Manager.

The Network Manager's IP address cannot change. The address will need to be statically assigned via the DHCP server (recommended) or locally on the device.

Shooter's Technology supplied networking equipment configures the Network Manager to have the following static IPs

o172.16.100.100 Wireless

o172.16.100.101 Ethernet 1

o172.16.100.102 Ethernet 2

It is recommended to hard-wire (Ethernet) the Network Manager rather than configuring it for wireless, due to ethernet's performance and reliability.



oWPA2-AES or WPA2-PSK (SSID and Strong Password)

WPS, WEP, WPA, WPA2-Enterprise, and WPA3 security are not supported on the Athena family of devices at this time.


For both security and system reliability, it is critical that only Athena components (Orion, Network Manger, Targets, Monitors, and Displays) are allowed access to the WiFi network. The SSID should NOT be given out to athletes, coaches, or spectators alike.


Please consult with your networking equipment manufacture for more detailed information on how to set up your network. Shooter's Technology does not support, nor provide support for network configurations outside of our pre-configured products.

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