Unpacking Your Router and WiFi Equipment

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Unpacking Your Router and WiFi Equipment

If your club purchased networking equipment (router and wireless access point) through Scopos, your Athena and network equipment are delivered pre-configured. The networking equipment purchased with Athena includes the following:


Wireless Access Point

3 x 2ft Ethernet Cables

1 x 12ft Ethernet Cables

For customers who need longer Ethernet cables, please purchase them independently.


Connecting the EdgeRouter X or EdgeRourter 10 (Router):

1.Connect an Ethernet cable from eth0 to your ISP or existing wired internet connection.

2.Power the router with the cables provided. The device will automatically power on.


Connecting the Network Manager:

1.Connect an Ethernet cable between eth1 and the Ethernet port on the Network Manager

2.Connect the power cable

3.The device will power on automatically, indicated by a small LED light.


Connecting your Wireless Access Point (AP):

1.Connect an Ethernet cable between eth2 on the router and the LAN port on the supplied Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) injector.

2.Power on the PoE injector by plugging in to an available outlet.

3.Connect an Ethernet cable between PoE (on the PoE injector) to MAIN on the AP. We recommend using the long 12ft Ethernet cable (or a longer one if purchased independently) to connect to the AP, so that it may be more easily hung on in an appropriate location.

Your Access Point should start to power on. Please be patient, as this process can take a few minutes to boot the device.



The EdgeRouterX has a total of 5 Ethernet ports.


Configured for Internet Uplink (ISP or existing network)


Configured for LAN, generally reserved for the Network Manager


Configured for LAN, generally reserved for 1st Access Point


Configured for LAN, can be used for secondary Access Point or the terminal that runs Orion


Configured for LAN, can be used same as Eth3

WiFi Passwords and Networking Equipment Passwords

Factory set passwords to the networking equipment purchased from Scopos is provided on the Customer Information Sheet.

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