Setting Search Domains Locally

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Setting Search Domains Locally

One Athena networking requirement is to set the DNS search domains to include .local. This is typically done by the DNS server. Where this is not possible, the search domains may also be added locally to each system.

Linux Systems

1.Edit the /etc/systemd/resolved.conf file
sudo nano /etc/systemd/resolved.conf

2.Change the Domains line to read

3.Restart the systemd-resolved daemon
sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved

Windows Systems

The following instructions were taken from

1.Using Administrator rights open Control Panel and then Network and Sharing Center

2.Click on Change Adapter Settings on the left side.

3.Right-click on the network adapter.

4.Select Internet Protocol version 4.

5.On the General tab click on the Advanced button.

6.In the Append this DNS suffixes list add "local".