Two targets double-feeding through the scanner

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Two targets double-feeding through the scanner

Open the scanner and remove the targets that double feed.

Check to make sure nothing is causing the double feed (i.e. torn edges). Remove any tape from the targets or repair any torn edges if needed.

Blow out any debris in the scanner using canned air.

Check that the scanner's "Feed Selection Lever" is in the down position set to multi-page scanning.

oOn the DR-6010C and DR-4010C the feed selection lever is on the from left hand side.

oOn the DR-3010C the feed selection lever is on the front right hand side.

oOn the DR-C225 and DR-C125 the feed selection lever is on the right side of the scanner.

oThe DR-M160ii, P-208 and LiDE 700F do not have a feed selection lever.

Check that the scanner's input tray is not overloaded.

Place the targets back into the scanner and then continue scanning.

If these targets continue to double feed it may be necessary to scan one target at a time.

Once all targets are scanned Orion will highlight (in red) any shooters with two or more targets assigned to the same position and stage. This may occur when a target is scanned twice due to a double feed. Look at each target and decide which one represents the double feed. Then simply remove it from Orion.

To remove a target from Orion, select the target, right click, and select "Remove Target."

If the workstation's scanner double feeds targets often, read this to learn how to help solve the problem.

If this problem persists, turn on double feed detection.