Shutting Down Your EST Units

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Shutting Down Your EST Units

Correctly shutting down  your Athena EST Units is an important step. Done incorrectly and the SD Card that acts as the EST Unit's hard drive may become corrupt. To avoid this, always shut your EST Unit's operating system first, and then disconnect the power.

Shutting Down an Athena at Home or Stand Alone Firing Point

The following instructions work for any stand alone Athena firing point in practice mode including Athena at Home units.

Stand alone firing points, both the Target and the Monitor, may be shut down from the Monitor.

1.From the main screen tap the Menu button, then the Advanced button, then the Maintenance button. This will bring up the Maintenance form.

2.In the upper right corner, where the form is asking, "Select EST Unit Commands", change the selection to "Both."

3.Click the Shutdown button. This will start the shotdown sequence, which can take up to a minute to complete.

4.Once the Monitor's screen turns blank, it is safe to power off the Target and Monitor.

Shutting Down an Athena for Clubs Range

The operating system for your EST Units is shut down from Orion.

1.From Orion

a.From Orion's menu bar, click on Athena -> Athena Unit Maintenance. This will open the Athena Maintenance window.

b.Click the "Select All" button. This will select all of your EST Units.

c.Click the "Shutdown" button. This will send a signal to each of the EST Units to begin the shut down sequence.
The shutdown process is purposefully delayed 10s and can take up to 60s to complete.

2.Once the monitors screens turn off, it is safe to unplug the power.

a.Switch off the power from each NC model EST Target.

b.Switch off the power from each DoW model Monitor.

c.Switch off the power from each MM model Display.

3.Recommended, unplug the power cords connecting the EST Targets and Monitors.

4.Turn off the TVs connected to the MM model Displays.

The Network Manager, router, and access points may remain turned on. These generally do not need to be shut off.

Orion Warns If EST Units Are Not Shutdown Properly

When Orion starts, it will check to see if each non-disabled EST Unit reports if it was shutdown correctly. If one or more EST Units reports it was not, Orion will warn the user.


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