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How much will Athena Cost?

Options to Consider when Purchasing Athena

How much will Athena at Home cost?

When will Athena be available in production?

What types of rifles and pistols may be used with the NC100?

Is smallbore rifle supported?

Why is Athena so much less expensive than other EST manufacturers?

What consumables are required?

What is the difference between the front and back aiming masks?

How often does the witness strip paper roll have to be replaced?

How often does the aiming mask have to be replaced?

What is the square printed on the aiming masks?

Is WiFi reliable for EST systems?

What range networking equipment is necessary?

What does the Network Manager Do?

Is Internet access required?

Is the Orion software required?

Will the Orion software still score paper targets on a range with Athena?

What courses of fire are supported?

When will the Home version be available?

What are the red and green lights for?

Are Athlete Tables Required?

How much does the athlete table cost?

How big is the athlete table?

Is the MM100 spectator display required?

What type of TV works with the MM100?

What happens if someone shoots the camera?

How accurate is Athena?

Is Athena ISSF Certified?

Is there an annual license to Athena?

Will I be able to create matches with Athena at Home?

How will athletes sign on to the Athena at Home system?

What are the feature differences between the At Home and Club versions?

What Operating System does Athena run?

What are the Power Requirements for Athena?

Can the NC100 be Mounted to the wall?