Options to Consider when Purchasing Athena

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Options to Consider when Purchasing Athena

Options to Consider when ordering an Athena Electronic Scoring Target System:

The Athena Electronic Scoring Target (EST) System and family of products are still in active development and testing stages. Units will not ship until they are production-ready. We are currently estimating February/March of 2021 for the fulfillment time-frame for new orders; although, this is subject to change. We will only ship once the product meets our high demands.

This document is intended to be a guide for clubs when ordering the Athena Electronic Scoring Target (EST). The Athena family is composed of many parts and pieces, and each order is generally customized to fit the needs of specific clubs and ranges. There is no one-size-fits all solution.


Existing Orion Customers

The Athena for Clubs EST is designed to integrate with the Orion Scoring System. A valid Orion Scoring System license/account is required for Athena to function in a club or on a range. Clubs who do not have a Orion license will need to purchase one.


Range Size and Information

In order to customize the Athena EST, some information relating to the club is necessary.


How many firing points do you intend to purchase?

You may purchase Athena either for a small number of firing points (e.g. 1 or 2) now and purchase more later, or purchase for your entire range now.

Athena is generally sold on a per firing point package for $1400. Both the NC100 and DoW100 are required. This package includes:

NC100 - Electronic Scoring Target for 10m air rifle, 10m air pistol, and 5m BB Gun

oTarget lift for three-and four position air rifle of BB Gun

oBackstop for air gun and BB Gun.

DoW100 - Athlete Monitor


Options available within the $1400 per firing point package:

Instead of the target lift, a wall mount may be purchased for each NC100. This option is intended for clubs who only shoot air pistol or air rifle standing. If selected the package price is reduced by $180 per firing point.

The backstop is optional. If purchased without the package price is reduced by $100 per firing point. Please note that the backstop is not suitable for smallbore.

The Athena NC100, DoW100, and optional components are made in the USA


Athlete Tables

The Athlete Tables ($300/ea) are generally optional but recommended especially for practice. Athlete Tables come in two forms:

3 Position Rifle - Narrower so they fit in between firing points without getting in the way of athletes.

International - Wider and conforms to internal rules and dimensions. Intended for clubs who only shoot air pistol or air rifle standing.


Each table comes with free laser-engraving of the firing point number and your school or team’s emblem. To include your club’s emblem we will need a SVG file, and then confirm with the manufacturer.

Rulebooks based on international rules (e.g. USAS) do require athlete stands, or at a minimum a bench to place their gear and monitor on. National rulebooks (e.g. CMP) do not. However, athletes will find having an athlete stand advantageous especially during practice. With the stand the athlete monitor may be placed on top of it, making it easier to interact with the user interface during the standing position.

Each athlete table is manufactured by Sandusky Woodcraft and are made in the USA.


Does your range support spectators?

If your range has bleachers or an area spectators to watch, Athena’s MM100 ($100/ea) is a device that plugs into an available HDMI port on a TV or display, making match-specific information available to view for all. Spectator Displays (MM100 plus TV) are optional, but recommended for ranges with spectator area.

We recommend 1 spectator display per 6-8 firing points, to display athlete individual scores, plus one additional for the range, to display a leaderboard. For example, if your range has 12 firing points, we would recommend 3 spectator displays.

A MM100 is required for each TV. Any TV with an HDMI port is supported. Our available options include:

40 inch TV ($200) - suitable for smaller ranges where spectators are within 15 feet of each display.

50 inch TV ($300) - suitable for small to medium sized ranges where spectators are within 25 feet of each display.

70 inch TV ($660) - suitable for large ranges where spectators are within 50 feet of each display.

TV Wall mount ($100).

Customer is responsible for proper installation of displays.


Backdrop for Air Gun

We have partnered with Creedmoor Sports to provide air gun backdrops for the NC100. The backdrop is designed to protect the backside of the range from stray bullets. These backdrops are only suitable for 10m air rifle and 10m air pistol. They are not suitable for 5m BB Gun or smallbore.

30 inch (wide) - suitable for a single firing point. ($400)

120 inch (wide) - suitable for 3 firing points. ($990)

240 inch (wide) - suitable for 6 firing points. ($1980)


Extension Cords

As unglamorous as they are, power outlets, or extension cords are needed to supply power to each of the EST components NC100, DoW100, and MM100. Check your range and make sure there are outlets available nearby, and if not how many extension cords you will need. Remember, you may need one set of extension cords for both the firing line and the target line.

30ft Extension cord for five firing points ($50)

60ft Extension cord for 10 firing points ($75)



Power Requirements

A standard 15 amp fuse can provide enough power to a 20 point range, for both the NC100 targets and DoW100 athlete monitors.

The NC100 draws about .30 amps during normal operation, and .40 amps when the target lift is engaged. The DoW100 and MM100 draw about .30 amps during normal operation. Note that this does not include any TVs attached to the MM100.

Please consult a licensed electrician to ensure your range has adequate power.




Aiming Masks

We include 1 free set of Aiming masks for Air Rifle, Air Pistol or BB Gun with each NC100 purchase. Each set includes 100 front Aiming Masks and 100 back aiming masks.

Additional aiming masks may be purchased with your order or at a later date. They are $15 per package of 100.

Aiming masks for 10m Air Rifle.

Aiming masks for 10m Air Pistol.

Aiming masks for 5m BB Gun.

Back aiming masks


Shot Verification Paper Roll

The shot verification paper roll is used not only used by Athena to score targets, but to physically inspect (or verify) historic shots. Each NC100 unit comes with one free roll. When purchasing multiple units, we include an extra six rolls with your system order. Additional rolls can be purchased for $10/roll.

Each roll should last ~3000 shots in practice, and ~1500 shots in a competition.


Networking Equipment

The Athena line of products have been designed for use with the standard WiFi network protocols. We do require ranges to have an isolated wireless network solely for the Athena network of systems. This is to ensure all data communication between devices are prioritized to provide not only fast, but efficient, communication to display and render scored targets.


Network Manager

The Network Manager is a required component for all club systems. This standalone device is responsible for three primary functions, security, redundancy, and computation. This device is integral to the performance, functionality, and reliability of the Athena system.

The Network Manager may be included in one of three options depending on range size. Only one Network Manager is required for each range.

1 - 2 firing points. Installed with the DoW100. No fee for this option, but it is not available for larger ranges since it eliminates the redundancy the standalone Network Manager provides.

1 to 30 firing points: $600

30 to 60 firing points: Call us.

While the Network Manager is capable of connecting via WiFi, we recommended a direct-ethernet connection to the network to ensure reliability.


Networking Hardware (WiFi/Routing)

Since Athena is an IoT (Internet of Things) system, it is important to ensure the security of the appliances and applications. Although Athena is designed with security from the ground up via software and compatible hardware, it is important to take the infrastructure into consideration - in this case, the wireless network Athena uses. As mentioned previously, an isolated network is required for Athena. If your range needs to provide members and/or guests with internet access, a secondary Wireless Network is needed.


Please consult your network administrator if you have any questions regarding your current network configuration and if it will work with the Athena family of hardware.


If your organization/club does not already have a network for use, Shooter’s Technology has an available, easy to manage, platform.


Things to keep in mind when building a wireless network for your range:

1 Access Point (AP) per ~20 firing points* (Each firing point contains 2 devices that will need to connect to Wifi: NC100 & DoW100)

1 Router/Security Appliance per range

*This is an estimated recommendation. Your needs may vary depending on environmental variables, such as building composition and the size of your range.



Below are examples of Athena's pricing. Please contact us for a finalized estimate.


Single Firing Point for a Club:

NC100 Target


Target Lift


Backstop for NC100


Red and Green Lights


Aiming Mask


DoW100 Monitor


Paper Roll







3 Firing Points With Recommended Components:

1x Network Manager


3x NC100 Targets


3x Target Lifts


3x Backstops for NC100


3x Red and Green Lights


3x Aiming Mask


3x DoW100 Monitor


9x Paper Rolls


1x MM100


1x 40in TV


3x Athlete Stands


2x 30ft Extension Cords







12 Firing Points "Fully Loaded":

1x Network Manager


3x MM100 Display


3x 50in TV


12x NC100 Target


12x Target Lift


12x Backstop for NC100


12x Red and Green Lights


12x Aiming Masks


12x Dow100 Monitor


18x Paper Roll


2x 240in Backdrop


12x Athlete Stand


1x Router


1x WiFi Access Point


2x 30ft Power Cord


2x 60ft Power Cord