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Network Manager

The Network Manager is the "hub" of an Orion for Clubs Athena Range. There is one Network Manager for each Athena Range. It provides three broad functions.

Compute: Manages course of fire and range timer operations, as well as computer ranked lists.

Security: Encrypts and authenticates all communication within the Athena Network.

Redundancy: Stores backup copy of all shot data and the state of each EST Unit.

Athena at Home users do not require a Network Manager. The functionality of the Network Manager is instead provided by Internet hosted services.

Physical Device

The Network Manager is a separate, relatively small form factor Linux based server. The size and specifications of the Network Manager depends on the size of the Athena Range. Smaller ranges can use smaller devices, larger ranges require larger devices.

On very small ranges, of only one to two firing points, the Network Manager may be installed with the Monitor on firing point one. Due to the work load a Network Manager must maintain, a separate and more powerful device is required for ranges with more than two firing points.

Always On

In order for an Athena Range to operate, the Network Manager must always be turned on. These devices are designed to run nearly indefinitely. We do however recommend rebooting the Network Manager once a month.

Network Access

The Network Manager must always be connected to the Athena Network. An wired Ethernet connection is recommended, but it may also be connected via WiFi.

Logging Into the Device

The Network Manager, because it is a Linux server, may be access through a terminal (HDMI monitor with keyboard and mouse) or by remote access with SSH. For more information visit Network and Terminal Access.

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Typical Range Size

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1 to 12 Firing Points


1 to 20 Firing Points

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