Invite athletes to view their scores

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Invite athletes to view their scores

1.Create a new Match or open an existing Match

2.Under Match Properties (Match > Match Properties), click the Results Center tab:

ohmtoggle_arrow1        Select either "Upload scores and allow public access to scores" or "Upload scores and only allow athletes to view scores"

oEnter your Zip Code (required)


4.Assign Athletes (required) and Coaches (optional) to the Match, if not done so already

5.Enter the Athlete's email account that is registered with Orion Mobile in the email cell - The email address and Athlete's last name must match what is registered with the Orion Mobile account.

6.Under Match Competitors, scroll right until you see the Participant Permissions, and assign the Athlete(s) as "Athlete"

Now the Athlete will be see their scores and match information in the app when they select the Menu icon and click "Score History". Here the athlete will see a list of available scores from published matches.