Incident Report Fields

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Incident Report Fields

When running your match, Range Officers may digitally submit Incident Reports using the Orion Mobile App. Note: Line Officers and Range Officers must have an Orion Mobile account and the proper permissions/rolls assigned to use this feature. This feature and it’s contents are only available to Line Officers, Range Officers, and Statistical Officers; athletes, spectators and coaches cannot see Incident Reports until they are posted by the Statistical Officer or Match Director.


Incident Reports allow Range Officers the ability to quickly and easily submit a incident report to be viewed and moderated by the Statistical officers. When the Range Officer submits a new Incident Report, they have various fields:

Participant Name

Lists the name of the athlete assigned to the incident report

Report Description

Field used to list the incident in question

Rulebook Reference

Enter the rulebook reference so the Statistical Officers can easily find the penalty or resolution

Suggested Resolution

Enter the appropriate resolution to guide the Statistical Officer

Time Stamp

Uneditable field used to verify when the incident occurred.

Comments for the Statistical Officer

Text field used to relay additional comments related to the incident.


Once an incident report is submitted via the Orion Mobile App, the information is instantly sent to the Orion Desktop program where the Statical Officer can view the incident and make the official call on the resolution.

Please note: Some rulebooks do not have Incident Reports. Pre-filled rulebook descriptions, references, and suggested resolutions are not available for all event types, these are subject to specific rule books. Range Officers can always manually manipulate the data in these fields whether or not the data is pre-filled, excluding the time stamp.